Sunday, May 24, 2009

स्वीट तिक्क्ले ऑफ़ स्लीप

I came home from work to meet Evan at my mothers. I feel asleep at 4 and didn't wake up until 8... I was cleary in derperate need of sleep. Then my mother gave me and ambian to help me fall asleep that i just took after watching Benjamin Button. Holy moley I feel like i've shot with a dart gun. i can hardly type and my eyes are going in differnt derections. My mom hid my keys because she's heard people sleepwalk and drive away. Wow that kicked in fast. I wonder what will happen i continue to write things. or if i'll fall on the keyboard.

इ लव एंड मिस माय हुसबंद। इ वांट हिम होम सून विथ माय बेबी ... सो वे कैन लाइव।

I'm so tired and homesick.

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